Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Life is good

Sometimes we are forgetful. We forget the amazing things we have in our life. We forget the people we have met, the places we have visited, the memories we made, the laughs we had, the times we cried, and the times we were simply just happy. On Wednesday I jumped out of bed filled with happiness. I heard David getting ready in the bathroom. He always gets up before me, I guess that beard takes a while to look so perfect. 
I grabbed my phone and started to play the Book of Mormon soundtrack and then started dancing around my room. Today was finally the day I would get to see the show. After listening to the soundtrack everyday for the past 6 months today was the day! The tickets were a Christmas present from David. Even though I had asked for them, he had said no because of how expensive they were. However he kept saying no to me because he had purchased the tickets back in August and had lied to me for months. Cheeky sod. 
We started the day off well at the train station with coffees in hand thanks to a treat from my Dad. We decided to go to London early to make the most of the day.
Myself and David are ridiculously nerdy, which I am happy about, so we decided to visit the Disney store, Orbital and Forbidden planet. I love the Disney store and could spend forever in there. Plus I spent loads of my money and I didn't even feel bad about it.
We also went to Oribtal and Forbidden Planet and spent money on comics and other really awesome things.
Afterwards we had sushi, which was wonderful and filled our tummies before the show.
Then it was time to go and see the show. I got so many butterflies before. But when it started I found myself becoming very emotional. Lots of tears later I was much better, even though they were all happy tears. When I listen to something so much I can get quite passionate about it. Anyway, it was an amazing show! You must all go and see it if you can!
My memory is awful, but I do hope I can remember how wonderful that day was. How much love I felt. How good the food tasted on that day. How polite people were in the Disney store. How happy I felt walking hand in hand with David towards the theatre. How over come with emotions I became. How good that first cup of coffee was in the morning that set the day up. Life is good. Let's just remember that.


Charlotte Judge said...

I love you both, so much!

Elora Nelson said...

Awesome post! Love the mugs! :D