Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Happy Star Wars birthday

So as you can probably guess (if you follow me on other various forms of social media) I love Star Wars. SO MUCH. And I was very lucky this year as I had a lot of Star Wars merchandise for my birthday last week. The first was getting the blu-ray on the Monday and then watching it for the next 3 nights. That was an amazing present from myself to myself.
Then my birthday rolled around and I was given 4 SW balloons, two of them were BB-8! And I also ended up with 8 SW cards. I think it's fair to say my friends and family know me very well.
My parents brought me an amazing large BB-8 from the Disney Store and a large Kylo Ren (as he is my favourite, even know he is bad) #swoon also #iloveadamdriver.
My sister brought me a really cute Rey figure/plastic doll. It's pretty neat, and I love that it actually kinda looks like Daisy Ridley too. She also got me an amazing Storm Trooper cushion, which will be going straight on my bed. Plus Star Wars Lego sets! They really are the best!
David got me two itty bitty's one being Rey and of course my favourite Kylo. He also managed to track down a 3.75inch Kylo Ren unmasked figure. I have been trying for weeks to find the new wave of figures in the UK, but I'm not having much luck. No where seems to have them. So of course I was super shocked to get one for my birthday.
Also David's parents got me the complete episode 1 tsum tsums, which I was super happy about! How cute is Darth Maul?!?
I was absolutely spoilt on my birthday this year, and I'm so glad most of it was Star Wars merchandise. I am completely addicted to all the Star Wars merchandise now, as I feel I'm re-living my childhood.

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