Monday, 10 August 2009

pen, paper and ink

so i have been making artist trading cards for a while now, it has been great getting the inks, pens, pencils and other arty stuff out and getting back to drawing. i really do miss it, and its great to be back drawing....not sure if its that good, but i am having fun and that's great. if anyone wants to trade that would be amazing..well that's it you like any of my cards...and i know its hard to see them. some of them might be entered into an exhibition so they might not be able to be traded. :)
i am now off to bed to watch eagle vs shark. i love this cute film so much. 'Finding love was never so... Awkward.'


Anonymous said...

you are such an amazing artist! i defintely look up to you, as i love art myself. you are truly fantabulous, dear!

and thank you so much for your comment&heARts;

Jane said...

hey nicola, thanks for your comment :) i'm happy that you are drawing again, and it doesn't matter if it's bad!although i'm sure that it's not bad at all, but the point is, don't doubt it because you're having fun and even if it doesn't turn out the best you can always add more to it or you can just not use it:)but any drawings are wonderful really. i sent your letter yesterday!xxo

Sophia said...

okay, you need to explain to me exactly how to do this trading card thing, cause i sort of want to try my hand at it :)

Sprinkle M. said...

Hello! I love your blog so much, your art is very cute & I enjoyed seeing all of your latest creations! I think we've spoken before but its been a verrryyy long time. Keep being awesome!
xo Sprinkle

Ruta said...

those are gorgeous. i love them all. i think having fun in art is the most important thing.

ps. i'll email you tomorrow for you info. :)

and i have to check out that movie.

jess said...

Your cards are so cute. I love the ones with the people on them. I've never heard of eagle vs. shark but it looks interesting.

lina said...

wow!! you've been busy my dear! i'm so excited : ) i love the people ones, especially the one with the girl & hearts floating away! i've sent your letter (& an atc!) a couple of days ago.
i really really want to see eagle v. shark, but my library doesn't have it & i'm too broke to buy/rent it :/ but i WILL see it someday!! love to you.

Sara said...

They're lovely, such great art :)

How do you do the trading?
(Oh and my cousin, isn't he just gorgeous?)

Anonymous said...

hello :)

these artist cards are looking yummy!

once I've made mine and posted pictures, I'll let you know.


Lemon said...

your blog is so full of LIFE. and so pecularly-interesting. i love it. (thanks for droppin' by mine!). following now.

p.s. "if you like any of mine" love the trading cards SO much. so much!

yiqin; said...

You always have the most interesting posts :)

sara said...

i'm so glad you like my blog! you seem like an amazing artist :) i am not at all talented in that field...oh well:)

xtinagirl said...

Wow I love how you put all your pictures together! Great aesthetics! :)


OhLove. said...

Aww, your cards are so cute! Plus I'm in love with that film.

Eliza said...

i loved your drawings, they are really pretty :) i'll be looking forward for more. yes, actually eyeshadow works beautifully! i usually buy really cheap ones in a varied range of colours. it always gives a fairy-touch to everything <3

¶ M said...

ohhh i love the drawings, I love that style, your very good at doing what you do :) keep it up love.

have a wonderful week darl x

- michelle

sezwhin, yo said...

You're so amazing at drawing.

(Oh and I love the Shins!
They're my favourite band.)

Lily Leaf ♥ said...

okay first off,
your artist cards are awesome!!
and your blogspot is very cute :)
I look forward to your future posts.
p.s. "I followed you" that sounds stalkerish haha

live2laugh said...

i love this especially the pen in the first picture.

Kait said...

Amazing amazing amazing.

Did I mention you were amazing?

: )

Smile... said...

I love all your Flight of the conchords picture. Used to watch it all the time when I was homesick.

emma-rose said...

I really like your ink art.
It's very unique♥♥

Jackie said...

Your art is incredible =]
I enjoyed looking at your ATCs

I've never seen Eagle vs. Shark. But ever since it played at my university theater I've wanted to watch it. Looks very interesting.

day z said...

you're really creative with all your photos,, i love them allllllll! xxxxxxxx