Monday, 3 August 2009

explain your reasons

last night i started re-reading the plain janes. its a quick comic book read, and i like it very much. there is a second ones, which i need to get soon. thank you all for your book ideas! i am going to look into them! :)
i met friends for lunch today. it was a really nice sunny day!! it seems as if the weather is getting better now! i loved my little man on my cup, he made me laugh! its crazy! i really didnt understand why i was laughing so much! i still don't really get why it was so funny! :)
tonight was fun. laughs with friends. we went for some bowling fun. i won one game, which i thought was pretty good!!as i was just dropped off home by my friends i was greeted by this amazing sight, and had totake a photo. i am now off to bed to snuggle up in bed and watch series 2 of flight of the conchords! eek. :)


•¦Amy¦• said...

that moon looks awesome!

wow i haven't been bowling in forever that sounds like a lot of fun. congrats on winning :)

Sarah said...

That little guy is cute! Ah I loved your long and lovely comment!! I have yet to see Adventureland, but I'm dying to - and Paper Heart! Love Michael Cera! I'm actually seeing Funny People tomorrow, so I will let you know how it is. I'm so excited! Seth is amazing. Gosh, he's cute. And I'm sure England's not that bad! I wish I could switch with you, honestly. I could get cool stick figures on my drinks from restaurants. Kristen Stewart is rad, I don't care what people say. She's got her own thing going for her, and not in a cliche way, she's actually real. I don't think she's a bitch, at all. She's real.

Anyway, congrats on winning bowling! I don't think I could do that, ever. And very cool pics. :)

Vi said...

Definitely cool pictures. The view from the window is lovely and the little man throwing away trash is adorable and quite amusing.

Ruta said...

sorry i've lagged on commenting on your blog. i need to update my link list and add a whole bunch of blogs but i keep getting lazy. i usually refer tot he link list when commenting so oops.

ps. love bowling, it's always so much fun.

and i've always wanted to visit england, i suppose we all feel that way about our hometowns though. i don't particularly like toronto much.

lina said...

flight of the conchords!! aha!
the plain janes looks good, i'll have to check it out :D

grr..still havn't been to the post office to send your letter..will be soon though:]

ONiC said...

lovely pictures, like always :]
i wish i have a beautiful view too from my window. instead of someone's roof hahaha

Amelia said...

Yay for bowling! I haven't been in such a long time.

yiqin; said...

I want chewing gum!! IT IS BANNED HERE YKNW -.-

Anonymous said...

ooh that comic looks really cool! cool pictures btw ♥

Jess. said...

I like your ring! And my friend and I are obsessed with Flight of the Conchords. Sometimes we will just sit inside and watch it for hours.

Hope you are well, dear!

live2laugh said...

Oh goodness, I love your blog and pictures.

The bowling ball picture brings back bowling memories of trying to get every color ball at the place and putting them in our lanes.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Matt Smith's costume will grow on you? True it's not as genius as the Tennant's, but it might be a grower.

Book suggestion - Generation Dead by Daniel Waters. It's okay... but I have the inkling that it might be someone trying to create a sort of zombie love story along the lines of Twilight. But it's a good enough read.


Kait said...

I love bowling! I am not the best at it but I especially love going on "rock and bowl" night when they have all the colorful disco lights and music. I always want a pair of bowling shoes, but just to wear everyday not even for bowling : )

Beautiful sky!

LookingGlassGirl said...

Oooh, I suggest The Time Traveller's Wife as a book choice, as it is one I want to read. Isn't it always the way that whenever a film adaptation of a book comes out, you always want to read the book first. I've never watched Flight of the Conchords, I'm guessing it's quite a good watch?

Jane said...

the man on the cup is hilarious! haha
i love that moon