Sunday, 2 August 2009

music to my ears

today i explored my garden with my mum. i forgot how much my mum loves her garden. and its wonderful to watch. well i tried to help a little, but i kinda just stood back and watched. i found flowers that remind me of my nan's wonderful garden, which made me a little sad, but made me so happy at the same time. today was also filled with late night, early morning chats about my family, stories and other wonderful was simply great.i still feel my room kinda sucks at the moment. i am STILL trying to sort all my stuff out, and make my room look lovely! but its not working...hmmm. its rather annoying...but it will be sorted out.yesterday i went to a music festival with lovely friends! the rain held off until about half 3. rain rain, why does it always rain!??!?the highlights of the day included seeing Gary Numan, Ash and Feeder. also lots of smaller bands too! i always love watching new bands that have just started, they are always raw and full of amazing talent.i am pages away from finishing my i now need a new book. any ideas what could be my next book?


Hayley said...

ugh, i'm trying to improve my room also... its just so... blah. hha. good luck!

Lady Stardust said...

i love concerts haha they're fun


Sophia said...

yay for concerts!
and yay for redecorating your room. i love doing that :)

i'm almost done with your letter, hopefully i'll have it in the mail soon. sorry i take so long, haha :)

•¦Amy¦• said...

i want a garden so badly!
in az it's hard maintaining plant life. haha. but some of the smaller houses close to the more downtown city area have the best yards! i love it!

i love that bit of decorated wall i see :) nothing better than making your bedroom more unique. i really think everyone's living space should be a reflection of their personality <3

Allison said...

Gary Numan ! I love 'Cars'!
And I hope you get your room sorted out.

...did you ever finish The Host?
If not, you should. There is also this other amazing older book that I re-discovered recently, called Pardon Me, You're Stepping on My Eyeball:

notmassproduced said...

blimey! I think I'm showing my age but i was into Gary Newman the first time around!

Aren't passion flowers wonderful eh?

sounds like ur having a really cool summer (except for the rain!)

suzannah said...

such lovely pictures and i love that cute cup on the first picture ♥

Marmelindela said...

You should read "Incredibly Close and Extremely loud" from Jonathan Saffran Foer. It's my favourite book. I get goosebumps whenever I read it and it never bores.

Just a few more days for a big musicfestival I'm goind to. You made me want to go NOW.

*jemima* said...

hello :)

Matt Smith's new costume... I like it. It's rather quirky and the bow tie is very Doctorish.
Particularly when he's standing outside the Tardis, he looks rather impressive.
I have the picture of him and Amy Pond, sitting on the doorstep of the Tardis, its just a very Doctorish image, up on my wall.
It's my favourite picture of him so far.


ONiC said...

aww wish i could help you with deorating the rooms. since i have no room yet, the ideas for that room is about to explode haha. i cant wait. would love to see hows your room look like when youre done. good luck!

Kait said...

It comes naturally to say nice things about you : )

That first flower is so unique and beautiful. I am amazed at people who can cultivate things. It takes such patience and skill. I always want to have my own garden one day and this post inspired me even more!

I am also trying to sort through my room and make it a place that will be inspirational before school begins again.

I love seeing up and coming bands play as well. They are so passionate and just happy to have someone to listen to their music.

Books ideas:
-Dangerous Angels
-The Curious Case of the Dog in the Nightime
-The Visibles
-The Flying Troutmans

Wonderlander said...

GARY NEWMAN?!?! Do you like the mighty boosh per chance?

I don't read all that many books, nut I did read one called 'The Book Theif' recently and it was excellent. It's narrated by Death (dw, that doesn't give anything away!)


lina said...

i'm in the middle of "incredibly loud & incredibly close" so far i liked it :]
so neat that we were in our mother's gardens around the same time. uber cool.