Saturday, 5 July 2008

my holiday day one

ah i am back now from holiday, but thought i would put some posts up of most of the days i was away and what i did. i went on holiday with my dad, mum, sister, nan and grandad.

the car ride in the morning to the airport felt sooo long. when we got there we had to wait for such a long time...i hate waiting around!!
the plane was a bit scary!! it was flying all over the place...crying children...robin hood on the telly...peanuts..a normal plane ride!!

then we landed...ah the heat!! you can feel it straight away. we got on our bus to take us to the hotel. it takes about 30mins to get there...the sun was shining down, it was great.then we were at the hotel; Fiesta Hotel Castell Playa, Arenal D'en Castell, Menorca. when we got to the hotel we walked through the doors, and who did we see, our rep Andy from last year!!! i couldn't believe it. we went over and said hey, it was so weird. he is now the entertainment manager for the whole island. it was good to catch up, and he said he used to work with one of the reps; Jo, and that she was great.

checked in, and went up to our rooms. WE HAD THE SAME ROOM AS THE YEAR BEFORE! haha, that was so cool. i had to share with my sister. we unpacked and then straight down to dinner as we were very late. Yummy dinner was waiting for us, and same faces. it was really nice to be back. the food is amazing, and the cakes and puddings are to die for!!

after dinner we were all to sleepy to watch the show so we all went to bed for some much needed sleep.

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