Monday, 20 April 2015

Adventure? Sure, let's go!

So the first day of my week off was spent waking up super early, and heading down to the local bootsale. Plus the night before I went out for drinks with new friends, which was ever so lovely. I can't wait to move to the seaside permanently. I love the sea air. I had my new Little Mermaid tote with me.
We wandered around and I found some vintage Trolls, which I was very excited about! I may have nearly jumped up and down. I looked through them, and found 4 that I really wanted. They just need a little clean, and they will be perfect on my shelf with my other little treasures. I picked some other cute bits and pieces up, and then we hoped onto a bus to Whitstable. 
We arrived rather early so we went for breakfast at a Peter Cushing restaurant, which used to be a theatre. It's a beautiful building. After breakfast we wandered and visited a craft fair, a few more cute little shops, and purchased cupcakes.
The shops in Whitstable are always so perfect. I could just spend all of my money in them. So many quirky little homeware treasures.
I always love to wander around pretty little towns. Exploring is always an adventure.

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