Monday, 27 April 2015

Looking after Pebble and Dash

On Saturday I looked after my friend's gorgeous shop in Herne Bay. It's a beautiful shop. I used to love visiting, and now I'm lucky enough to have my work for sale inside.
Sarah owns Pebble and Dash, and I was more that happy to look after her wonderful shop. Lots of perfect gifts and art can be found inside.
Talking to customers and having a little quiet time to plan blog posts, make lists, create new work, was great. David also popped in during the day and brought me lunch and a yummy hazelnut latte, which was a super surprise.
I had a wonderful time. Lots of time to think and create. Next time I would love to set up a desk and start creating new pieces. When the sun shines through the windows, the shop lights up, it's just so beautiful. Perfect workspace.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shop! I think I would happily look after it for the day, especially with getting the opportunity to take lots of lovely photos. Also yay for having your stock in there! It looks so pretty!! xx

Charis said...

What a perfect shop, and I bet you fit in perfectly there! :) I'll have to pop in some time soon, looks like it's so full of gorgeous treasures! xo