Sunday, 19 April 2015

Recently reading comicbooks

You can be certain that I am pretty fond of collecting and reading comics. And even more so now with all the great titles that are around. There are so many pretty interesting comics around. However pretty drawings and cute characters always makes me check them out. Also, anything by Boom always gets my thumbs up.
I always found getting into comics really hard, with lots of history and back stories. But now it's so easy as there is loads of new cute comics appearing. With lots of wonderful stories, it's easy to jump on board. Of course my favourite series at the moment is Bee and PuppyCat by Natasha Allegri. I also did start Lumberjanes at the same time. I read them both for quite a while, but I have stuck with B&PC. My new favourite past time is searching for different covers for B&PC, and of course special covers. I always seem them as works of art.
Currently I have also been reading Jem, The unbeatable Squirrel girl, Spider-Gwen and Help Us! Great warrior. I have got a few comics left to start, like Giant Days. Which I am very excited about, as it took a long time to track a copy down.
Nothing beats reading a good comicbook with a cold drink in the sunshine. What comicbooks are you reading?

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Sarah said...

I always see the cutest comics on your Insta feed! Bee and Puppycat is one of my very favs. <3