Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Instagram magic

Instagram is a beautiful thing. I love logging on and seeing these beautiful photos appear in front of my eyes. There are many reason why I love it so much. It helped me start selling my work. It gave me the confidence. By using Instagram to post snippets of my work, people could see it and ask if they could buy it. Which in the end gave me the push I needed to create and sell work.
The amazing people I have met though Instagram is another giant plus. The internet can be a wonderful way of meeting people. Also Instagram has helped me take better photos. Really studying the light, shadow and layout of a photo. It's all trial and error until you find your style, and how you want to use Instagram. It really helps you edit photos and how your see the world. I mean that can be a good and bad thing. You might look at things differently when you take photos, for example; will they fit? How will the photos look on my feed?
But in the end you just need to go for it. Have fun, enjoy Instagram! Meet new people! Share your interests with others! And of course love taking your photos! Because even though you post for others to see, in the end it's for you.
I'm on Instagram, are you? Find me at @helloitsnicola

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Anonymous said...

O Instagram, my love! Sometimes I fear I spend too much time on there but I don't really care because it is to beautiful. ;) xx