Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Day trip to Rochester

On Monday I took a trip to Rochester. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shinning, and I just felt so positive. We wandered in and out of a few shops, but then I spotted an amazing tearoom. This tearoom was called Fleur de Thé.
I could see such gorgeous coloured teacups and teapots from the window. When I walked in I felt like I had fallen through the rabbit hole to a wonderful tea party. Pretty teacups were placed on the table in front of us. A lovely gentleman came to greet us, as we looked at the menu and we ordered some delicious tea.
What I really loved about Fleur de Thé was that you could buy all the chinaware to take home. So they use teacups you can buy which are the same. This made me very excited because as much as I love vintage tearooms, you can't buy these teacups. But here you could. The spoons were my favourite, and I might have to go back and buy some with some birthday money.
We wandered around the town and popped into various cute shops. Vintage, homeware, second hand book shops, and cute coffee/art gallery shops.
I stumbled across a shop called Mini Mi. It is so gorgeous! I'm not a mummy, but I still wanted everything in the store. I purchased a gold make your own banner. Which I have been looking for everywhere. So that was a nice surprise. Plus we made friends with a little pug.
After all that, at the end of the day we wandered around the castle and took photos. It's a glorious place, and with the sun out, it was even more perfect. I took a few snaps with my Instax.
We headed home after a wonderful day. It was the perfect last day of being 27.


Meg Siobhan said...

Those little spoons are beautiful! Always loving your pictures, they're stunning.

beenotafraid said...


I like this post a lot.