Friday, 20 May 2016

EYE museum in Amsterdam

So I am back from my amazing trip to Amsterdam. I honestly don't think I have ever walked so much in my life. I think we end up on over 70,000 steps over the 4 days. The flight over was so strange, mostly because I am normally on a longer flight. So once we landed we were greeted by my amazing friend Immy. I couldn't wait to see her smiley face, November was the last time I saw her, and that was ages ago!

Immy took us to the EYE, which is a film museum. We had to take a little boat over the water to it. The building was beautiful, and I couldn't wait to see inside. Once inside we started to look around. There was lots of amazing film pieces and equipment from different eras. 

My favourite piece was various film cells played out over a light box. I used to collect these, and seeing different ones from many different films was really interesting. It really is wonderful to see all these images side by side, and the tiny changes in each cell. It really is just magic, the power of film.
The next best thing about the museum was the interactive pieces. We got to create an actual flip book. we filmed a short film, and they can then turn it into a flip book in the gift shop. Perfect little souvenir to take home, plus I also picked up some postcards and you can never have enough of them!

I really enjoyed the museum. we then decided to go for coffee and a wander. We found a chocolate cafe, grabbed drinks and caught the train back to Immy's house for a tour around her town. We still had so much to look forward to exploring.


Meg Siobhan said...

Okay, this sounds like my idea of heaven! Looks like you had an amazing time :o

Dillon said...

Whoah this looks like such a cool place!