Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Hutspot, Amsterdam

While I was away in Amsterdam I was lucky enough to visit the gorgeous Hutspot. It's a beautiful store, which actually reminds me of a Urban Outfitters. So Hutspot searches for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, offering them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shops. I love this approach. It feels so different when you walk into the store, its fresh, bright and airy. This is what you want when you go shopping. 

The store is laid out perfectly. Of course I have already said there is a Photo Booth in the front, which is an amazing plus. When you walk further in you are greeted by such clean and fresh displays. You feel as if you can really look at the items for sale. I am a huge fan of stores that mix their pieces together. I feel you can always shop this better.

While in the store I picked up these The Cool Club: Men playing cards. I purchased the Cool Men set, but sadly The Cool Club: Women were sold out, but I hope to go back and pick that set up on my next visit. The illustrations on the cards reminded me of Wes Anderson, so I was completely drawn in.

The great thing about Hutspot is that there is a cafe and restaurant upstairs. The perfect little spot to sit and relax. It has an office feel about it, and well as a relaxed coffee house. It really is the perfect place to grab a coffee and bring your laptop and type away. Plus chatting over drinks and lunch with friends works so well also. The lightening is bright and inviting. I really did fall in love with the amazing staff service and the overall atmosphere. I can't wait to go back and spend a whole afternoon there. Shall be thinking of this place when I book my next flight to Amsterdam.

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