Thursday, 12 May 2016

Welcome back to the world of blogging

So it's Thursday night and I am sitting at my brand new MacBook typing this. It is very strange, as I have not had a computer for since university years. I did everything with my little iPhone, I am very grateful for it, but its nice to be typing on a proper computer again. I decided to take the leap and finally buy myself something special. The great thing about this purchase is that I will finally be able to open my online shop again, and get selling my new work on the internet! Hurray! 

In other news I am going to Amsterdam on Monday! I am very lucky because I get to stay with my amazing friend Immy. Plus its my first holiday with my best friend Sarah. Sarah is a pro at packing, and sadly I am not. she keeps sending me photos of her suitcase packed, then re-packed, and then re-packed again. Oh and all i have packed are my toiletries and my euros, so Sarah is winning. I brought two pretty new dresses for my holiday today. Everyone has to purchase new clothes for holiday right? my suitcase is just sitting there empty, i am just the worst at packing. I'm so excited to go away, but for some reason i just can't seem to build up enough energy. 

I also want to re-read Ann Frank's Diary before the trip. I needed to purchase a new copy, and today while in town I managed to pick up a copy. So I shall be reading that for the next few days. Immy managed to get us tickets to visit Ann Frank's house, which was amazing as they always sell out, and I really wanted to visit while in Amsterdam.
The top item to do on my Amsterdam list is visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum. I have always been a huge fan, probably since I was a kid. I am also looking forward to just wandering around, taking in the sights, and enjoying a few coffee shops. I would like to say that I am off to pack now, but you know that I will just be drinking tea and watching Community. 


Meg Siobhan said...

Shut the front've been doing everything on your iPhone? Well it was definitely time to treat yo'self! And I love the Macs. I've had mine for...a couple of years now and I honestly love it so much!

Have fun in Amsterdam!

Meg | A Little Twist Of…

Dillon said...

Such a pretty computer!! Have fun in Amsterdam!

Kim Cornell said...

I haven’t read Anne Frank's diary for years! It was a required read in my secondary school for our history class.

My sister recently went to Amsterdam and visited the Anne Frank museum and had a tour of the red light district, I really want to visit myself and the Van Gough museum would be a must for me I hope you have an amazing time. :-)