Thursday, 23 June 2016

Action packed week

So sadly I had to say goodbye to my amazing friend Dillon on Monday morning. I was lucky enough to meet Dillon through blogging. Life is crazy and I seem to meet the best people on the Internet. I had a wonderful time while he stayed with me and we explored London and pretty cute towns nearby. Looking back now I feel so happy about everything we did. I am very happy with all the adventures we had, but I am also still very tired. I don't think I have ever walked so much in my life.

I think it's not until you relax, you really get to enjoy life. We spend so much time working and working, and waiting for our days off to finally have adventures. This past week I was getting up early, grabbing my bag and visiting a new town or city for cultural fun. I don't think I have been like that since when I was at university. Life seems so care free, and I always seemed to have the time to visit art galleries. Now it's hard to find the time, and when you do it's extra special. But this last week was different. I planned adventures, and had those adventures. Made those memories, took so many photos, and loved life. Life is good, and even more so with my amazing friends and loved ones by my side.


Maggie Shirley said...

Y'all are so damn cute. I miss you so much.

Dillon said...

NICOLA IT WAS AMAZING and yeah I'm pretty exhausted too. Seriously I can't say thank you enough for showing me such a magical time.

Charlotte Judge said...

I LOVE YOU. IT WAS GREAT. Dillon, I miss you.