Monday, 6 June 2016

Wandering through the avenues of art

I think its important when you visit a different city or country you should go to an art gallery. You should see some art, wherever you go. While I was in Amsterdam I actually got to see quite a lot. Whether that was street art or visiting various galleries and museums. 

My favourite was of course the gorgeous Van Gogh museum. This was actually one of the highlights of my trip. I was looking forward to visiting for quite some time. When I walked in the museum I did feel like a kid again. I know that sounds very strange, but Van Gogh is one of those artists that you learn about from an early age at school. So I do feel very connected with his work. Of course seeing the work in real life is completely different. 

Wandering up and down the gallery looking at everyone enjoying his work is quite powerful. I really felt at home in that gallery, and very peaceful. Walking around looking at art work will always be one of my favourite past times. We had a coffee in the restaurant before we left. It really was a lovely morning in Amsterdam.


Dillon said...

Amazing! And such a great artist, love that he has a museum dedicated to his iconic work.

Mandy said...

Ah! So envious of your visit to the VanGogh museum. Such an amazing artist.