Friday, 24 June 2016

Fancy a drink?

While Dillon was here we got to visit Margate. It's one of my favourite place to visit, as I get to spend a lot of my time with David here. The sun came out, and the sky was blue. It was really warm, so the best time to be beside the sea. We did quite a lot in Margate on this day, more of which I will talk about soon, but this post is all about the cute coffee shops/ restaurants/ bars we visited.

First up was Proper Coffee. This super cute place is always top of my list of place to visit while I am in Margate. The coffee is always so good, and sandwiches are always the first thing I order. The style and decor of the place is super relaxed and quirky. I love the different rooms, and the giant chalkboard with lots of fun things to do in Margate.

Proper coffee is defiantly my favourite place to stop when in Margate. The chilled out vibes make the whole coffee shop perfect. The best place to relax with friends or sit and type away on your laptop. I first stumbled across this gorgeous place when it was raining with friends. It turned out to be the best thing we did all day.

The next place we visited was a brand new place called Word Up. I was drawn to the beautiful giant coffee sign above the bar. It was still very new, and lots still needed to be finished, but we enjoyed the drinks anyway. The fact we didn't have wifi was annoying, but it will be sorted soon as they are still working on the space. They had amazing lights on the walls, which I think they make and sell. The lights really make the space. So bright and fun.

Then later in the afternoon we nipped into the Cupcake Cafe. It has been given a brand new makeover and inside is now a dark blue. We had to visit because when I'm in Margate I have to have a cupcake. The cupcakes are still the best, and always make me smile!

Just before we went home we tried this new bar on the seafront and it was called The Bottle Shop. This again was very nice, and had just opened! I loved the fresh and clean style of the place. The guys behind the bar were friendly and happy to help with advice on what to drink. We ordered drinks and sat with the warm sunshine on our faces.

After our drinks and fish and chips, we caught the train back. More on our adventure in Margate soon!


anicka said...

Great Italian lager on tap at bottle shop too

Dillon said...

SO MUCH LIQUID! Loved visiting here!! It was such a good day.