Thursday, 30 June 2016

Wandering around Canterbury

So while Dillon was visiting I had to take him to Canterbury. The wonderful thing about Canterbury is it's so beautiful and very close to where I live. My super gal pal Charlotte picked us up in her little car and drove us. As we were driving through the countryside I realised how good it felt to be back in the countryside. I will always be a city lover, but there is something so special about the open green space, just like the sea, that I love. It's just so fresh, and you feel so free.

When we got to Canterbury we made a quick stop to Burgate Coffee. I have wanted to visit this coffee house for quite some time. I always seem to be in such a rush when I walk past, and never get the chance to pop in and check it out. But today this was finally going to change. 

We walked through the door and it was busy, lots of people chatting and drinking hot drinks. We were greeted by friendly baristas, and saw there were table up the back. We ordered our drinks (from a huge selection, and the list was on the ceiling, which I thought was a great idea) and then went to sit down. I loved the way the place was styled. Lots of vintage furniture and gorgeous mix match chairs. Most of them we really wanted to take home.

Our coffee came, and it was too good. I am a really big fan of coffee made right. Of course no one wants a bad cup. While we drank our drinks and chatted we looked around. One of my favourite features of the shop was the cute business card board/holder for people to promote themselves. The whole coffee house had an arty feel about it, with lots of local art on the walls for sale.

 After our coffee we went and meet David, and he walked us around. He seemed to turn into this very good tour guide, and even I learnt a few new things. We walked around parks, through cobbled streets and more. The sun seemed to come out and make things look even more beautiful. 

After we wandered towards the Canterbury Cathedral. It's normally very busy during the day, but later on in the early evening you can just walk straight onto the grounds. I seem to take everyone who visits me to see this beautiful building. I mean, it is just gorgeous. After a while we walked round to the side of it, where you can walk through the side and then out of the building around near the gardens. This is one of my favourite spots because it is just so quiet. Plus it also kinda looks like Harry Potter would wander along the halls.

Canterbury is so beautiful. It's full of history, character, charm, arts, good food & drink, style, its simply the perfect place. I'm so grateful to live so close to such a charming place. 

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