Saturday, 4 June 2016

Slow Club gig

So I just got back from an amazing show in my home town Ashford. The equally amazing band Slow club were playing. The gig was in my local church. I am buzzing with smiles of joy right now. I first saw Slow Club (Rebecca and Charles) 9 or 10 years ago back in Nottingham when I lived there for university. I was immediately struck by their beautifully written songs, and joyful tunes. I have seen them many times since, but I was lucky enough to see them again on Wednesday.

The venue was an old church I used to visit when I was at school. The church was beautiful because of the acoustics, the sound just bounced around the room in a perfect way. Listening to Slow Club again was so strange. Mostly because I was so young when I first saw them, my uni days were such a long time ago. They have been a solid part of my music taste for nearly 10 years. Listening to them again while they sang their new music, which is so calming and relaxed made me realise how much life has changed. How much I have changed. 

Rebecca and Charles' voices are still as gorgeous as ever. In this performance they both gave each other the chance to shine, letting each other take the centre stage. I loved listening to their voices. But of course I just fall in love with them all over again when they sing together. 

After the performance I managed to speak to both Rebecca and Charles. I said to them about how it was amazing to see them in my home town after seeing them for the first time back in Nottingham. We talked about how long ago that actually was, crazy really. They signed my vinyl and an old CD I had. We also talked about how nice it was to listen to their new music, and they enjoyed performing it. It was a wonderful night, and made me remember how much I love seeing live music. It really is good for the soul.

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