Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Yayoi Kusama show at the Victoria Miro gallery

A couple of Saturday's ago, I was lucky enough to get the chance to see the Yayoi Kusama show at the Victoria Miro gallery. Being on social media, you tend to end up seeing the same photos of certain art shows over and over. This was one of them. The bright yellow pumpkins were all over my social media, so I needed to go and visit them for myself. 

There was a giant queue outside the gallery. This was so strange, this show had really hit a mainstream audience. We queued for 10mins, and then we were let inside. I thought to myself, wow that was quick, however as soon as you walk through the door you see lots of different queues around the gallery. I didn't do too much research into the show, as I do like to experience art first hand, rather than read up too much about it. So the queues I did not expect.

We were taken straight to the back of the gallery and outside. The first infinity room we would visit would be the Where the Lights in My Heart Go. The outside of the gallery was beautiful. very peaceful indeed. This infinity room was wonderful. We only had 30 seconds in each room, but this one I felt like I faded away into nothing. Space, life, everything. For those few seconds life didn't feel real, I'm not sure how I felt, but I was peaceful. My eyes blurred and I felt like I was somewhere else. I am glad I didn't snap a photo while I was in that room. This room had a deep impact on me, I didn't even reach for my phone. For me, someone who is addicted to their phone, it took everything away. Breathtaking indeed.

Afterwards I enjoyed the surrounding, and there were mirrors everywhere. It was very peaceful, even though everyone around me was taking photos and uploading them straight to social media, hashtags and everything. It's a new concept for me. Of course I love social media, but it was weird for me to be in a gallery and people were continuously looking at social media. I am all for taking photos and sharing the love of art, but first please look at the art through your actually eyes, rather than a phone screen, experience it, and then photograph.

The second room we went into was Chandelier of Grief. All I remember of this room was the fact it was so bright. It went on forever, and sparkled so bright. I didn't really have an emotional connection to this room, it was just super pretty.

Then it was time to queue up for ages to finally see the famous pumpkins. All the Eternal Love I Have for the PumpkinsWe did wait for a long time, but it was pretty special. 

The whole room was glowing. It really did go on forever, these infinity rooms just seemed to never end. You end up getting lost in these rooms. I feel like they are drugs. They tease you, you fall into this amazing unknown place. The time goes by, and you don't really know how long you have been there. Yet you know you only have 30 seconds, but time moves in a weird way. Then suddenly the door opens and you feel like you are being ripped out and pulled back to the earth again. These rooms really did feel like that. Make sure if you are in London you check out this beautiful show, it really is worth the queues.

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