Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Unexpected visit to Clutch

So we honestly chose the worst day to visit the Colombia flower market while Dillon was here. Oh, by the way, DILLON IS HERE. HE IS ACTUALLY HERE. We hopped on a train with Charlotte and met Tom in London. The heavens opened and it rained, so hard. We really did get soaked. Our waterproof jackets did not serve us well. We ended up wandering around in the rain for quite a bit of time. I ended up getting grumpy, and we really needed to find somewhere to escape the rain. 

I am a true believer in everything happens for a reason. We wandered some more, and then we spotted this gorgeous yellow building. It looked super quirky and I was drawn to it immediately. The restaurant/cafe was called Clutch

We walked in dripping all over the place. We were shown to a table in this small but busy room. So straight away I was drawn to this place. The table was gorgeous. Shiny/gold/mirrored table was kinda perfect. We ordered coffees and then chose our food, which happened to be brunch. Lots of chatting and getting to know each other better was done, and then our food arrived. It really was delicious. I ordered the banana bread with the most perfect topping. It really does make my mouth water when I think about it.

One of my favourite things about this restaurant, apart from the fact it was yellow and the food was great, was the amazing black/white patterned wall around the side. I think we stood next to that wall for quite sometime taking photos. It just shows that you plan everything down to the wire, but sometimes the best adventures and memories happen when you least suspect it. May this continue to happen in my life, because the un-known is always the most exciting.

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