Thursday, 14 August 2008

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today was a weird day. went to work in the afternoon. after work i went and got some extra bits and pieces for my sister's birthday present. i love other people's birthdays because i always feel that you can have fun on theirs, and never really on your own birthday. i have never really liked my own birthdays...i hated them. i love making a fuss of other people on their special day. i know its odd...that's always how i have felt.oh yeah, at work a few of us were talking about telly shows we love to watch, and one of my friends said about the mighty boosh...and i thought to, i have not watched that in such a long time!! i mean, its one of my favourite shows. i am sure everyone knows about the show. its a british comedy show. Vince Noir, king of the mods and Howard Moon, an intellectually vain genius/novelist/poet/wrestler/boxer/jazz musician work in the dysfunctional Zooniverse under the slightly crazed Bob Fossil. The Mighty Boosh follows their surreal adventures through time and space.-IMDB
i am in love with Vince Noir aka Noel Fielding and Howard Moon aka Julian Barratt. i have always had the little deal with my amazing odd, big haired friend that i would be happy with Julian, and she could have noel. :) i am sorry but Julian looks fab in the picture below...haha my friend so doesn't think so. well i will agree with my friend that noel looks very good in the bottom pic, he always know just what to wear. (pictures from google)
don't you hate it when you know your shoes are so old and wore out that you will have to throw them out..i hate it. and its worst when you love them. i love my comic book converse shoes....oh its a sad day. hopefully i can find a really nice pair to take their place.i am thinking that these little guys might be my next vinyl toy spend. they are very cute, and can be found at the Kidrobot website...oh i really want that bag in the last post. oh its not fair!!! :(


Miss Karen L said...

I'm the same with birthdays - I don't like my own either, I'm not sure why.

I love the Mighty Boosh - I keep thinking I should watch the dvds again, I might do so on the weekend. Noel is quite the stylish gent hehe.

The vinyl toys look so cute!


Hi from Paris stylish Michael !

Great and good news !!
lots of you wanted my street style and Paris fashion weeks stories translated.
Thanks to Google translator widget (in the upper right of the blog ), they now can be read in the language of your choice.

To celebrate that, I posted 87 new photos from the Paris fashion week.

There are already 6000 photos online : 225 street style and 63 Paris fashion weeks photos novels.

Thank you all for your support, comments and links that has motivated me to make Style and the City the great Paris street style and fashion week blog that humanize fashion
I love you all and wish you a very great week end.
I'm thrilled to read your comments now you can read my stories in Paris

Cheers from Paris


J e s s i c a said...

Yes ! i would love to see what you would have to say on your own little "confessionnal" post.
Can't wait...keep me posted !

B said...

What I don't like about other people's birthdays is when I don't know what to give them. But when I do - it's very fun.
Those Converse look awesome, I'm sorry you have to throw them away, I know how it feels.

rather-robyn said...

I agree on the birthdays things, and I love putting together presents with loads of little things! And those converse were ace! Ho ho I am feeling quite boastful; I am going to see the Mighty Boosh live, although as a purist I don't really rate series 3 much. Loving the vinyl toy addiction of yours!