Saturday, 16 August 2008

being wild must be fun..

today was the was fun day ever!! i had so much fun, and laughed lots! at work we were all giggling about silly little stuff, but i really felt happy about being home, and with all my friends. also today, my books came!! hurray!! it seems like such a long time ago i ordered them! i have already read one of them! but, its really of them has a few crazy pages. a few of the pages are doubled and then cut....i dunno if the book is meant to be like that, but it is kinda odd!! :)tonight i went to see Wild Child with a few of my girly friends...haha, none of them really wanted to see it, i made them all go as i LOVE Emma Roberts, i think she is wonderful!! .......and they all really loved it! i thought it was so much fun! just a typical girly film, but its nice to go see something that isn't dark, or scary or serious, it good to see some cheesy films once in a while. the film is about a really cool girl from L.A. who moves to England to go to a boarding school. but she doesn't wanna stay, and tries everything to get sent back home. go see it if you want some fun!! (images from movie and of emma all found on Google)
i am looking forward to a wonderful Sunday of chilling out with my family. we had a great day in the Olympics today, lots of medals were won!! yay for us! :D


The Clothes Horse said...

That movie sounds sweet. Emma Roberts is quickly growing in my estimation. I think she'll probably go far in the industry.

Hila said...

That film looks a bit like St. Trinians.
Thanks for visiting my little blog, I'll be returning to yours :)

ooohmaureen said...

thank you very much, like your new pic's :) x

B said...

Seems like a great day! Cheesy films are nice once in a while, cheesy books too. Cool double-paged-with-cut book.