Sunday, 17 August 2008

a golden weekend

this weekend has been great for Great Britain in the Olympics!!! with seventeen Olympic medals - eight gold, four silver and five bronze!!! we are now 3rd with a total of 25 medals! all day i have been watching the Olympics! its kinda sad, but i love it. everyone coming together to support their country. i found the images from the official Beijing 2008 Olympic games. that can be found here did manage to make it out of the house to go to the cinema today! i went to see the new star wars movie, the clone wars. i loved it!! as soon as the music started...ah it was great! however, the ending was very odd, and not in normal star wars fashion. i spoke to my friend, who was not really happy at all. he is like the biggest star wars fan i know! and he did not like the beginning...hes a bit of a star wars geek...and i thought i was bad...hes worse! he he :D but i thought i was good, a bit of fun. the light saber parts were very very good. it looks amazing. (movie images from Google)got work tomorrow, but in the evening hopefully hanging out with friends, pizza and a few "good" friend wants us all to bring horror movies..that should be fun!!! i am the girl who likes the "odd" movies, (so i am told) and i got told not to bring any of them!! haha


hayleeey said...

Yay for Britain! I was wondering who was winning the most medals, im rooting for Britain and China, but im glad Team GB are doing well! It would be great to end on a high, being in the top 5 or so and then have the next Olympics in London, i cant wait!

When it arrives, im gona have to stalk Michael Phelps, married/engaged/dating or not. You can come along :D it looks less dodgy if in not the only one wearing a trench coat and sunglasses!

Miss Karen said...

Hehe I just noticed the medal tally this morning and went "wow Britian's doing better then Australia, cool!"

I still haven't watched much of the games though, sport is just not my thing, but the gymnastics is pretty funny :D

Sam said...

star wars! I didn't go see it yet, but I'm planning on it. I got my love of star wars from my brother's endless stories. he is a HUGE star wars geek...I think he's seen the movie 3 times already. haha

crash division said...

Haha, Norway is like on the 35th place or so in the Olympics. Yay, go Norway.
Horror movies, oh noes, I don't like scary supernatural things like demons and ghosts and monsters - gives me the creeps for ages, I'm still suffering from the grudge.

Paris Tarts said...

Yay! I love star wars! I wanna go see it :) And I'm loving your blog's it new?


ed said...

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