Monday, 4 August 2008

tea for one please

i have been drinking rather a lot of tea recently!! mum and dad keep bringing me cups of tea...and i can't say no..because i really do want to keep drinking it!! my friend drinks all the tea in the world!! she is never without a cup of tea in her hand...she makes very good tea. i think one day she will turn into the most prettiest cup of tea in the whole world.
went to see the dark knight last night; oh my goodness, i do not know what to say!! Heath Ledger as the! he was amazing, so funny yet scary. wonderful costume, i loved loved the part when he dressed up as a nurse. :)
the film was really good, however i did feel it went on for quite some time. it was really good how two-faced was introduced...although again it did take quite sometime. i don't think it should have been a 12A...because of all the knifes that were used in it, but i guess they needed it to be a 12A to get the kids to be able to go and see it. however over all, it was great and i was glued to my seat the whole time. favourite part?? at the start waiting for the joker to show his face.
i went to the cinema tonight again with friends, my friend picked me up. tonight we all went to see Angus, thongs and perfect snogging.....a bit different from the night before with the dark knight!! the film was sooo cute, and very sad as well. great british film and girly fun. i have not got to start work until 1 tomorrow, so it will be nice not to have to get up too early!! my sister is a trainee hairdresser, and is doing her college work in the hairdresser's where she works...she cut my hair the other day...however i think i need her to cut my fringe....its getting a tad too long...soo long i can't see where i am going. i ordered nick and noarh's infinite playlist and i got a phone call that it has been delivered to the book shop, so i cannot wait to go and collect it tomorrow!! :)


Arielle said...

i loved the dark knight too! Heath was amazing!!!! The first time is great but I wouldn't recommend seeing it again in theaters it got so much longer the second time. I think they should just show all the joker parts :] (i'm kind of a huge fan of the joker)

hayleeey said...

I still need to see The Dark Knight - hopefully i'll see it soon. And you saw Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging!!!!! i LOVE the books... im not sure if you read them otherwise i wont start 'ranting' about the differences but its sad? :S

Last thing. Your necklace, is it Tatty Devine? I wanted to get one for my birthday last year - as a partial treat to myself, yet i never got round to it... oh its tempting now with the student loans..

emily said...

your blog is amazing! i love all of your little pictures. and i have yet to see tdk! D:

The Clothes Horse said...

Love your necklace. I'm still waiting to see this film...maybe soon for me! My friend has a super cute red car too, but her name is different! Ha! ^_-

Sugar Pop said...

Haha, I liked your red car picture. :)

p.s. trade links?