Tuesday, 13 May 2008

fly away peter, fly away paul...

After so much worrying, I gave my talk about my work. I think it went down well with everybody and I have a few ideas to try out next. I am now trying to pick out some of the better photos to show in my research folder. These are a few of the ones I will be choosing from;

I am also counting down the days until JUNO is released on DVD...ah such a long wait!! But having to watch Superbad to make up for it. I need to make sure I am getting my Michael Cera fix..*I LOVE HIM*


hayleeey said...

Your work/style - from the pics so far - so VERY cool. I love that its kinda messy - but in a good way! They would look so cool as illustrations, like fine liner type illustrations, none of that colouring in stuff.

I'll add your blog on my listy thing too :)

Oh and, Michael Cera, totally. Him in those Gold shorts. Oh yeah.

fine little day said...

I like!