Monday, 12 May 2008 art all around

I am sitting here again after a long day of being an art student. With lots of deadlines coming up, I am getting very stressed, but not really showing it...and maybe not understanding how much I have to do. I have to talk about my work tomorrow, and not 100% looking forward to that....not at all.Anyway, back to the art in hand, one of my little birds is trying to run away. The light bulb bird. I am praying that it will all go down well tomorrow.
While sorting out my work I got myself a new cd; the long awaited Flight of the Conchords album!! Loving all the tracks, Inner City Pressure, Boom, and Business Time.

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the tea drinking english rose said...

well i think it looks ace!

good luck tomorrow! it looks wicked so i'm sure it'll go well!

flight of the conchords? i LOVE that showwww!!!!!!!!