Wednesday, 28 May 2008

rain rain...

ah another day goes by...not feeling great at the mo...kinda bored. Trying to find bits and pieces to do. i am not really looking forward to going home at the moment...but it would be nice to see some people.

I have been watching the IT Crowd all day today, both series! I got the 2nd series cheap. I have also found the easter eggs on the first dvd which i could never find. This has made me happy as I was getting annoyed at the fact I could not find them.

Ended up having a little walk down to forbidden planet and was very happy to see that they had new bits and pieces in the store!! they had these cool little "Buff Monster", they are little ice cream flavorways mini figures. I got a mint chocolate chip one, which i thought was great as it is my favourite type of ice cream!!

Ah while i was also in forbidden planet i was very happy to see a new set of Ugly Dolls!!! and they were a good price too!!! i got PLUNKO. he is very cute, and a wicked bright orange. he will feel right at home with my other ones; BABO and ICE BAT.


Sam said...

ahh that little mint chocolate chip thing is cute!! that is also my absolute favorite.

ChiliLady said...

Wow, I found a blog which is not a fashionblog. very cool, thats a happy day for me! xD