Friday, 30 May 2008

little toothbrushes....

ah what a new day brings...or doesn't!! it has been an alright day. very chilled out. i have spent most of today watching LOST and having a very big case of my head hurting!! but i feel much better now.

after watching LOST on my laptop it gave in, and shut it's self down! i then knew it was time to stop watching and get up and do something. I went for a quick walk outside to get some fresh air and the new cinema times for the coming week.

ah there are so many people out, because i guess it is still half term....but hoping that it will be lovely and normal in the next few days! yay. as i have been going to the cinema and seeing some AMAZING movies over the past week, Smart People, Indiana4, Charlie Bartlett (favourite one by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I have some tickets for 2 for 1 at wagamama's and thought it would be really nice to go out for dinner. so we went out and had some lovely food!! on the way back, what was left on our front door?? well these cute little toothbrush sweets!! Ha ha, it made me laugh.....that would be my photo of the day!

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