Sunday, 11 May 2008

"oh what a wonderful life"

I am sitting here trying to work out how I am meant to use this, and not having much luck. But i guess i will just have to give it a-go go!! I am sitting at my desk looking out of the window at all of the people down below..or lack of people. I would say that they look like ants...however, they probably are ants. For living in a busy city you would think to see many people walking around....maybe the heat has made people run for cover in the form of pubs. Buses and other forms of transport seem to be around. But no people.....
.....its getting dark now.

1 comment:

the tea drinking english rose said...

wow i love your little stuffed creation on your image... well what i can see of it anyway!!

where can i get one?

ps.. pathology!! three words...
hotty mchot hott!