Wednesday, 21 May 2008

..I wish I was smart

Had a wonderful day today. Went to the cinema to see Smart People, and thought it was brilliant. A very odd movie, but very moving. Watching Ellen Page make me want to watch JUNO again so bad!!...but not long now!
It was so nice not to worry about anything, and just take every minute as it came. It was a lovely sunny day. Ended up going on a trip to ASDA wahoo! ha ha...and ended up finding some doctor who pasta shapes! yummy!! me and my pasta shapes!
aah, been looking on forbidden planet's website, and I am in need so some vinyl figures!! the local store does not seem to stock much at the moment. However today I did end up buying a new Doctor Who trivia game today. I think i am going to have to buy something off of the website. I have an idea what I wanna get, its these little creatures called FRIENDS WITH YOU, they are so cute. A must must buy!!

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