Sunday, 18 May 2008

tell me something...

Tell me something..I will try! Today has been a cool day. Just hanging out and doing group project work. I really cannot wait until it is all over. The weekend has been very chilled out, which has been nice.

Over the weekend, i took a trip to Forbidden Planet and got some cute little keyrings.

I am now looking forward to this week. Hopefully it will all go well, and will have some fun. I watched the 3rd Indiana Jones tonight, and very much looking forward to the next one!! Also I must take a trip to the cinema to see Smart People in the next couple of days.

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hayleeey said...

I dunno, im re-thinking my idea of buying cake now. Im now thinking i should spend my money on like a hoodie or something, a purple hoodie...

The cupcakes are kinda expensive.. like around £1.75 for a normal size.. you could go like Sainsburys and it's 99p (or cheaper?) for 12!!!!!