Thursday, 29 May 2008

play that record again!

ah still the weather is annoying me!! waking up to rain and then sun and then rain again. another day of pottering around town... i went to a show at a gallery today. The show was called 'Cover Versions'. it is an exhibition of recycled record sleeves- revamped and reinvented by Artists working in a variety of mediums. it sounded like a really cool show, but when i went and had a look i kinda felt bad. these really odd record sleeves had been painted, cut up, stuck bits to them...i know its all in the name of art...but it still felt wrong. some of them had been painted beautiful. there were some controversial ones, which included some Beatles and John Lennon covers with 'blood' (or red paint) and Yoko on. It still did not feel right that the artists had done this. It kinda felt like someone had defaced a book or something. But i then thought the records must have belonged to the artists. It was really interesting to see how the artists wanted to change the sleeves with their own views and feelings.

when i got in i started looking at my cds...i wondered if these will get defaced in a few years for the sake of art.

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