Monday, 7 July 2008

2 Doctor's?

Friday was really sad because i had to i will skip Friday. on Saturday i was so tried...worn out. didn't do alot until the who was on!!! eep...had been waiting all week to see if we lost David Tennant. instead we lose Donna...oh its so sad. i was very annoyed at what happened to Rose and Donna...its so unfair!! rose got her own version of the doctor, a human version..weird..and i think its awful for rose. and Donna was so special..and she had to go back to how she was...never knowing that she met the doctor, never knowing all the amazing things she did.after watching doctor who i then took a trip to the cinema with pals to see Hancock. they had already seen it, but came along to watch it again. it was a good film, the best part of it was Jason Bateman...wicked!

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