Saturday, 5 July 2008

a t-shirt is my aim..

..and the morning came and it was the next day! we all went down for breakfast. after breakfast it was time for the welcome meeting. in the meeting they tell you a bit about the island and what you can do. they also told us about the entertainment within the hotel. then this mad woman got on stage, her name was Jo, and she was going to be one of our reps. she was the maddess person i have ever seen...hmm at this point all i could think of was how good last year was...was it going to get better? Andy and Becky were amazing reps last year.
anyway after this they showed us the new prizes that could be won in this silly games they play like skittles, bean bag boules, french boules, so you can have fun, meet people and win a thomson gold prize. the prizes were, a neckrest, a wine stopper, a travel wallet, and a NEW black thomson gold t-shirt!! i was thinking in my head.. i will get one.

we then went to play skittles, dad and vic didnt wanna play, but they ended up playing. we met Jo, and she is very odd. she has the most weirdess laugh ever,crazy lady. anyway skittles was hard as three skittles, one weird ball...and dad won!! and he won a t-shirt!!! played darts later, i could get them in the board...gdad did well so did dad. then had target frisbee..i was so rubbish!! i got one in tho!
then later we meet our other rep jane. she was lovely, really nice. we did some Origami with jane in the afternoon...i thought we would be making cranes and other really cool stuff, but it was just the basics, but still fun meeting new people!
then dinner again, after we went outside to watch the show. dad had to go up on stage to get his prize..he didnt wanna do it. but it was so funny! and he got his t-shirt. there was this really creepy singer on that was weird. watched the sun in the evening, it was lovely.

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