Monday, 14 July 2008

what's your favourite t-shirt??

i came across this picture of Michael Cera, which then lead me to the website; from Entertainment Weekly
on the site there is a special gallery 15 Stars In Their Favorite T-Shirts. each star had a really cool, odd, sweet, weird, or just down right funny story about their favorite tee.
These are just a few of the stars on the website, i love these photos, and their stories behind their T-Shirts.
Michael Cera- ''I think it has something to do with Land O Lakes butter." That's just a guess, though. I bought it at a second-hand store in Atlanta. It's the only shirt in there that fit me."
Alyson Hannigan-The late John Ritter gave this tee to Hannigan after his guest spot on Buffy in 1997. ''Every time I see it I have such love in my heart for John. And I miss him.''
Portia de Rossi- stole her Iggy Pop shirt from an ex-boyfriend — ''That should tell you how old it is,'' she cracks.
Jason Segel- his new favorite band, Instant Sorrow. ''They're a British band, a little bit like Oasis, or early U2"
this gallery just made me smile.
at the moment my favourite t-shirt would have to be my "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" tee or my Thomson Gold shirt i won on holiday. it just goes to show that everything has a meaning and a story behind..even an old T-shirt. go check out the rest, including; Jack McBrayer, Rainn Wilson, Jonah Hill, Andy Richter, Tina Fey and more!!! go to,,20058887_20058911_20152193_8,00.html
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hayleeey said...

My fave tee is The Ramones tee i always wear.. i really need to buy another one because its starting to get worn out..

But on the EW website link, there's a tee on Jane Krakowski(?) that says 'Distracted Easily' or something, i love that.

Vintage Vinyl said...

Cool! I really like this. I am going to check out the whole article.
I LOVE JASON SEGEL!!!I want his babies.

The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, how fun. My favorite tee is black oversize with handpainted flowers on it (I've worn it numerous times on my blog). I picked it up for less than $1 in Japan and I just love it.