Thursday, 10 July 2008

..rain and fun

yesterday me and my little sis went to a cute place called Canterbury on the didn't take long to get there..although it rained and rained and rained..and would not stop!! where has the sun gone?? it was really nice to just hang out with my sister as i don't see her much. i had a little money left over off my holiday which was good as i am not back to work yet, but looking forward to going back next week! yay. i went to the comic book shop to pic up my comics that i had been waiting a long time for...when i get there they only have one of i was kinda sad, but one is better than none. i also had to pic some of my dads up for him.after that we went into topshop and i found some really nice jewellery that was on i didn't feel too bad about buying them...although i do not really need anymore jewellery..but its my downfall!! i got a really nice pair of heart/fabric earrings, and a fab long necklace with bits and pieces on.we then went for lunch which was really nice. afterwards we nipped into HMV, and they had a sale on...hmm i ended up buying a Superbad, and Flight of the Conchords posters..which are fab! i shouldn't have brought them..but i could not help myself!!
in the evening i went to see the mist with friends. we were in the smallest screen..which smelled. i saw a new trailer for a new movie in which Jamie bell looks good and so does he!! ...hmm not really sure what i thought of the whole movie..but the ended was so heartbreaking.

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ooohmaureen said...

thanks for your comment! i like you, and your style! x