Saturday, 26 July 2008

feel good

...this made me smile! cute bottle top

ah a another lovely day at work...NOT...its so hot at work. ah well i am glad to be home, and i have sunday off. yesterday i went to my friends house, and it was lovely, it was so good to see her and hang out. i have missed her, but it was good to see her.
ah i ordered the second series of heroes the other day, with free art cards...but the dvd comes out on monday...but i got it today!! yay!! so gonna go watch the alternate ending and other bits later.
while checking on about my order i found a really cool heroes hoodie and flight of the conchords tee which i am going to buy when i get paided...i want them so much..these are my little drawings of what they look like. the flight of the conchords on is their poster jemaine made in the love!


hayleeey said...

Where did you get from that bottle top cap from? Its sooooo cute!!!!

Yay for art cards!

Sam said...

that bottle cap is adorable, and a great way to remind people to recycle!

Alexa said...

Love the drawings as much as the duds they represent!