Monday, 21 July 2008

convention a-go-go..a-went-went

ah i am back from London! i had a blast!! David Anders is so happy in real life! he was all smiling and talking! normally he looks sad and mean..but he was great. i went a little shy when i met him..he he, as you do, but not so shy i looked stupid! :)the convention was not as busy as normal, but loads of people came to see the other signers today. Patrick Stewart walked past me with all his minders, which was kinda funny.
we also went into the Doctor who exhibition at Earls was fab!!!! when you walked down the looked really messy..and bit and bobs laying about, but then you realise that they have made it like the basement in the first episode with Billie and Chris! and the shop dummies were moving!! they were loads of other costumes and props..i got to touch 'one' of David's suits..even though it says please do not touch. :)

i spent a bit of money, not as much as i thought though! i got some wonderful things, including heroes and Indy sketch cards, heroes figures, my indy vinyl figure and other little bits and bobs!!


Betsey said...

aw, thanks so much! it means a lot to me that you're enjoying my polaroids- really, truly!

and seriously...that indiana jones figure is the BEST thing ever!!

hayleeey said...

I love that Heroes drawing!!!!!

Sam said...

haha my bro has that indy figure! it's so cute.
i'm glad you had lots of fun!!

Rosie said...

I laughed out loud when I saw that indianna jones figure! Your blog make me happy.

rather-robyn said...

OOh i went to the Doctor Who exhibition too and the basement bit at the start really freaked me out, and the Dalek bit near the end! I wanted to get just a plain figurine thing of the Doctor alone (Tennant or Eccles-cake)but they only had big gift sets! Anyway sorry about this enormous rambling comment!