Thursday, 17 July 2008

"i wonder if people who die normally have stars...i miss stars"

last night i did not watch a movie like i had planned...however i just finished watching Wristcutters: A Love Story just now. when you get a movie to watch that says it contains a suicide theme, you don't really think its going to be the nicest film to watch. however i did find much joy in it. the whole movie starts out with very dull colours, to set the tone of the movie. when the main lead thinks of home the screen fills with bright colours.
one quote that i love from the movie is based around the fact there are no stars in the sky. "..i wonder if people who die normally have stars...i miss stars." another sad thing about where they are is that they cannot smile. the friendship between the 3 main actors is wonderful, there is a scene in which they are all in the car singing along to one of the three's tape.
another part of the movie which i love is where they are at a petrol station and they try to drive away and the pump is still in the car, so they pull it right off. then Zia has to go inside and fill out a form. one of the questions is the following;
What were you thinking when the accident happened? this point Zia looks out of the window and looks at Mikal.
the whole film is filled to the brim with sadness and happiness, i do not want to reveal the ending as you should all go and rent this. this movie is filled with spray painted flowers, chewing gum, de-facing signs, black holes, and love.
on a lighter note i came across these beautiful little things;
they are ment to be Michael Cera and Ellen Page as Bleeker and Juno from Juno. i found this image on Flickr. i really want to go out and make my own now!! they can be found here . the creator of these has also made other finger puppets based on her favourite movies. i am in love with these!


Rosie said...

Those little puppets are funny! I want to make my own too now!

Sam said...

love the little cera doll! haha
and it's sad that there are no stars anymore. my brother knows a lot about the environment and he said the air is becoming so polluted that we can't see the stars.