Sunday, 6 July 2008

..hooplaaa hooplaaaaaaa

ah going home this point i was getting really sad...why did i wanna go back home?? i had everything here...sun, fun, and family.
we had a game of bean bag boules today, and my mum really wanted to win a t-shirt...and she did!!! she won the game!
we had pool next, and mark won, and then played of the funniest things i have ever watched!
we then had hoopla..or whatever you call it..i was rubbish again!! haha.
karen our maid left us a cute suprise in our room when we got back....then later on, we had deal or dont deal game show!!haha, i put my name in for it, but didnt get choosen. but did get to open a box off stage and on it, as it was soooo windy outside, glasses were falling off tables and smashing!! what a great final night!!

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