Saturday, 19 July 2008

"the happiest drink in the world"

another fun filled shift at work!! its great being back and seeing everyone, and getting to know what they have been up to. one of my lovely work mates put this super super doctor who game by for me...its so cool. kinda like frustration, but a doctor who version. and it was only £2.59...peanuts!! so that has put me in a good mood.
also we are going round my godparents in a bit for a tea party/bar b-q!! last time we went we had marshmallow and biscuit sandwiches..yummy!!
i am getting into the tea party/any sort of party theme at the moment as i have just found a Babycham glass that belonged to my nan, which my mum gave to me as i do love the stuff..."the happiest drink in the world" ...however i am resorting to drinking lemonade out of it has i have no Babycham's...hehe. i love this photo of my hand...but i have no idea look so big!! but i still love it...weird....*giant hand!! aaaaah hehe*after watching the jetson's movie the other day i went looking for my really old pin badges of the jetson's i got when i was very small. i remember going into this old comic book store with all these weird things everywhere, and i picked them out. i love them to bits..i put judy on my i am off to my London Film and comic convention tomorrow, not sure if i will be back in time to post, but if not i will fill you in on monday. i can't wait!! :D


Paris Tarts said...

You always have such interesting and inspiring pics :)


Vintage Vinyl said...

Looks like you had a good time!
Thanks for the comment :)