Saturday, 5 July 2008

is this the end?

another day goes by...

we had killer skittles today..i was rubbish!! sis and my gdad were great!! i then watched darts.
then after lunch we had target Frisbee with jane. mum threw it over the wall!! i got one in...its a very hard game!! you have a net, and you have to get the Frisbees in the net. some people are really good at helps if you have long arms i think!!
me and my sister went for a long walk, we went to these cute little shops. my sister wanted to get some bits. it was really hot...a bit too hot really. it was nice to get away for the noise of the hotel for a bit.
i got myself some dinosaur biscuits. when we came back we had a bit of a sleep. then went down for dinner, which was lovely again!! hehe. well we had to eat our dinner a bit fast as doctor who was on, and really wanted to watch it. OH MY GOD....what is going to happen to david!! even though all this series i have said he will be leaving, that cliffhanger was big!! even bigger than s.m's umbrella one!all i wanted was them to get to hug eachother (the doctor and rose)...its so said...and now he had started changing!!! whats going to happen?? is this the end?

just after a comedian was on, i watched this movie with seth green in very late, then felt asleep..he had great glasses on...and bright orange hair...but didnt get the name of the film.


LML said...

cool pictures!

Richel said...

wait, is that doctor who? I've only seen a couple of episodes, but I'm slightly obsessed. I loved Charlie Bartlett by the way.