Sunday, 6 July 2008 a good book recently?

the day started off with skittles..and people all thought i was gonna win again...but i didn't!! i was rubbish...but then i got better, but still didn't win. Roger won, and he has been trying 3 years to get a t-shirt, so i was very happy for him!!!

it was chocolate night, which means at dinner there are lots and lots of little chocolates that you can take away with and my sister always try to get as many as we can!! the evening was nice, not too warm or cold...sitting outside listening to 2020, the resident the guy can't sing!!
in the hotel there is a mini swap library, where if you want to leave books for the next guests you can take one with you...also you can just read them while you are staying in the hotel. its really interesting to walk and have a little nose at what people have been reading.

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CoutureCarrie said...

What a great idea for a hotel to have a mini library for guests to swap books - genius!