Sunday, 6 July 2008

reps vs guests was reps vs guests. all the games were to be played against the reps. we had bean bag boules, target frisbee, and water polo. they won the bean bag boules, although i did beat jo on my go. we won the frisbee, thanks to steve who was great! and they cheate soo much in waterpolo and still won!! oh well it was a laugh away. and we had the rep show to look forward to in the evening!!
before the rep show, we had the baftas..haha. my sister won on for best runner up! and my gdad, aka mr.tickle won an award from jo for the person that always joins in but never wins...haha. he got a giant award!the rep show was so funny. and one of the reps, jo, was amazing!! you can see that she sings and dances, which let some of the others down. fun was had by all, and everyone stayed on the dance floor till quite late, having fun.
also on my holiday there are quite a few older people, who can all dance. they dance wonderful, and it always makes me sad to think that we will never dance like that.

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