Friday, 18 July 2008

yay idea's are now A-FLOWING

arrgghghgggh...i don't feel my normal happy self today! this morning i wake up in a good mood, go downstairs and have a quick look at the paper while having breakfast...hmmm and what do i see an advert for? the convention on Sunday....but wait...Sendhil Ramamurthy is not on the advert. hmm later my dad goes on the Internet to check the line up..and it says; SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY is no longer able to attend. oh i am so upset!! i know he might be ill, or can't make it because of work commitments, but its just annoying that his name has been on the line up for months! oh well i have to stay positive with the fact David Anders is still going.
this is what i should be like..(even tho it looks kinda scary, trying to do the Wristcutters thing!!)
but this is me....last night i found another old video to watch; The Jetsons; Movie!!!! i love this movie so much, it makes me feel so young and happy. George Jetson is forced to uproot his family when Mr. Spacely promotes him to take charge of a new factory on a distant planet. the family meet very odd and different people along the way. full of fun and laughs. i love Judy, and always wanted her room where the bed appears from the wall moving round, and posters, and cabinets, by the touch of a button.i have always loved the Jetsons, and i am now trying to get hold of this on dvd. these are a few stills i took with my camera, not very good quality, but you i cant find any images of the movie anywhere!also late at night i had some ideas for my new project, which i am dieing to try out. i always seem to walk up in the middle of the night and jump out of bed and sit at my desk scribbling down these ideas. i am very happy my ideas are A-FLOWING!! i have waited a few weeks..and now they are coming!!


hayleeey said...

Oooh, what kind of project are you doing? Is it your own or for uni? I dont think i ever truly liked The Jetsons, i think it was the dad.. also he reminds me of Rob Brydon now i think of it...

I shall be going Middlesex Uni in sept., ive read REALLY bad reviews which doesnt help and the art campus is sooo far away from central London.

ALI RAE said...

thank you!!! wristcutters is seriously my favorite movie. ever.

ellie said...

Such nostalgia. You have some fun expressions.

Hope all clicks into place.

Keep smiling!